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Display Solutions for Minifigures

by Marketing Team
Display Solutions for Minifigures

Customers often ask us the best way to display their minifigure collection.

For the Collectible Series of minifigures, we found a great solution in these HO scale train cases. They cost about $109, and are available in a few different colors, with free Prime shipping. 

Why we like these cases:

* Plexiglass front cover - safer and lighter than glass
* Snap latches keep the cover secure
* Perfect size for a minifigure plus its accessories
* Fits 16 or 20 figures across a single row

* Heavy-duty hardware is already installed, making it easy to hang the case on the wall

    Perfect height and depth to display a minifigure

    The case has perfect spacing to set up and display a row of 16 figures (one series).

    Place the collectible baseplate centered on top of two 2x6 bricks, with a 1x4 brick in a contrasting color set in between each colored brick. 

    We chose colors to complement the colors of the original collectible series bags, but you could use any color you wanted, or even mix them up!

    If the series you want to display has 20 or more figures, use a 2x4 colored brick, with a 1x4 in between. 

    Labeling the individual figures

    We use a Brother P700 label printer to design labels for our minifigure collection, as well to label as our hardware drawers of spare parts.

    Black text on clear label tape is great for lighter-colored bricks.

    White text on clear tape is good for the darker-colored bricks like blue, red, dark gray or black.


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