2018 In-House Events and Field Trips

We provide engaging hands-on learning experiences for your students!

Looking for a fun and engaging learning experience for your campus? Our LEGO®  and STEM-themed workshops are just what you need!

Creative Brick Builders will come to your location and run a LEGO® workshop in your classroom, or you may visit our Studio in Round Rock as a field trip.

We also host activity stations at PTA carnivals, STEM nights, library fundraisers, “Bring your Child to Work” Days, and more.

We can host a one-time workshop, or lead a series of lessons over a summer or a semester. With a variety of unique lessons and models, we can usually align our lesson activities to your weekly theme.

Call us or click to make a reservation request for your school or organization.


For each workshop event, Creative Brick Builders will provide:

  • Trained and screened instructors1 to lead the class workshop or activity stations
  • Technical building kits and LEGO® motors, battery packs, and infrared remote controls2
  • Supplies for all activities
  • Parent information sheets with the lesson summary, vocabulary, concepts discussed, and a picture of the lesson's model (this PDF document may be emailed directly to parents or printed)
2018 In-House Events and Field Trips

Workshop activities - 60 and 90 minute events

Our 60 and 90 minute workshops center around one topic or theme of your choice. One of our skilled instructors begins the workshop with a short lesson, introducing students to the key vocabulary words on the parent information sheets in a fun and engaging way. The remainder of the workshop is devoted to the technical build or other activity of your choice. 

  • Students will work with a partner to complete a building challenge, learning how to use gears, motors, and LEGO® robotics components to control their creations.

    Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy creative LEGO® exploration time after the lesson.

  • Students will learn to use wireless remote controls and experiment with simple programming commands using Ozobots to navigate around obstacles and move objects, controlling sound, speed, and directions. Draw your own path to victory through mazes and challenges!

    Students will learn to communicate and control Ozobots using color codes they create! Blue, green, and red markers will become coding tools as students complete Ozobot challenges.

  • Students will tinker and experiment with littleBits electronics to create projects like interactive greeting cards, an energy meter, a spectrum light wave, and more. Look out, because these bits will light, buzz, blink, and shake!

    Students will learn to use a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. Each “bit” has a simple, unique function: light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc. Modules snap together to make larger circuits. Students don't need any experience in engineering, programming, or wiring, just a willingness to experiment and learn!

Creative Building Stations - 2 and 3 hour events

Our longer events feature multiple stations focused around one topic. Depending on the duration of the event, we can offer up to three different, unique building stations. We always suggest having the LEGO® motorized technical builds as one of the stations. Students rotate between the stations throughout the event, letting them have fun while solving different challenges at each station.

  • Students choose a challenge card and build from their imagination using the LEGO® bricks provided at the station.

    Students display their finished LEGO® build at the end of the station.

    Additional options available to add descriptions or another writing component to this station.

  • Students make spin art to take home using motorized LEGO® spinners and paper crinkler gadgets.

    Up to six spinners and crinklers can be set up per table to reduce wait time.

    Spin art is a take-home item included in the price of the event.

  • Students start with provided LEGO® race car bases and wheels.

    Students add on LEGO® bricks to create their own super racer and challenge others to a speedy conclusion!

    Race cars may be take-home items for an additional charge per race car.

  • Students build their own LEGO® minifigure from our "factory" of parts.

    Minifigures may be a take-home item for an additional charge per minifigure.

    Make a CUSTOM MINIFIGURE1 with a printed torso featuring your logo or design art.

    Custom minifigures may be a take-home item for an additional charge per minifigure. Advance ordering required.

    1. Custom printed minifigures must be ordered at least three weeks in advance. Minimum order quantities may apply.

  • Students make an ornament to take home and hang up as a decoration!

    Ornaments may be a take-home item for an additional charge per ornament. Prices vary by ornament options.

  1. Instructors have all completed a Texas DPS background check and fingerprinting as required by SB9, and are employees of Creative Brick Builders
  2. Proprietary model plans and motorized brick kits are NOT items that go home with students